1. CLOUDEOS accepts and declares that the CLIENT’s personal information and credit card information will be used by CLOUDEOS to collect payment from the CLIENT in exchange for utilising the Product and Services within the scope of, accessing the control panel and the abovementioned services and to share with licenced companies authorized to make online collections, to not share with any other institutions or persons. CLIENT accepts and declares approving said transaction within the scope of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No:6698 for their credit card information to be processed and relayed by said companies only for purchases made through website and subsidiary websites.

2. CLOUDEOS doesn’t keep or store credit card information regarding purchases made through the website where Product/Services are offered for sale. Payments are collected through the infrastructures of virtual pos provider companies and banks. Payments regarding Product/Services are collected through the interface, while the security of the payments and the transfer of information is ensured through the SSL security protocol between the bank and the CLIENT’s computer.

3. CLOUDEOS, not limited to herein article, excluding interactions between them and the subsidiary companies within their structure, cannot copy, multiply, distribute to third parties, market or sell the Product/Service information provided through the website, CLIENTS’ personal account information and e-mails.

4. Information entered into our website by CLIENTS for the purposes of membership, purchasing Product/Service and updating information, particularly confidential information regarding credit cards and bank cards, cannot be viewed by other internet users.

5. CLIENT accepts, declares and undertakes to not share any information of CLOUDEOS gained through performing the work within the scope of this Agreement and through hereby Agreement, whether said information is specified as confidential by CLOUDEOS or not, with any third party or institutions without written permission from CLOUDEOS, to protect the confidentiality of such information within the scope of the confidentiality policy. Otherwise, CLIENT accepts, declares and undertakes to recompense any and all damages CLOUDEOS suffers for this reason at the moment of the first request, at once and in cash.

6. CLIENT accepts and undertakes exclusive responsibility regarding all files, documents and programs broadcasted within the provided service, all transactions utilised and benefited from through the website and e-mail services. CLIENT accepts and undertakes sole legal and criminal liability arising from said data, information and declarations constituting a breach of Turkish laws and regulations. No responsibility regarding any legal or criminal sanctions arising from this matter can be attributed to CLOUDEOS. CLIENT accepts and undertakes that whilst utilising the Virtual Server Service, they will not broadcast any content that is pornographic, erotic, related to luck games, particularly gambling and betting, and/or any content that promotes such activities, that they will abide completely and faultlessly by Article 8 and other relevant provisions of the Law on Regulating Broadcasting in the Internet and Fighting Against Crimes Committed Through Internet Broadcasting No: 5651 and the relevant provisions of the Turkish Criminal Code No: 5327 along with the legislation that will go into effect during the term of the Agreement, that they will broadcast content apropos with legal regulations. Otherwise, CLIENT accepts and declares exclusive and unlimited responsibility regarding all requests made against CLOUDEOS by legal authorities and third parties. CLOUDEOS has the right to close the server without notification in the event of illegality. In such a situation, CLIENT cannot claim indemnity under any name. CLIENT accepts and undertakes to recompense CLOUDEOS for any and all damages they occur because of their illegal actions at once and in cash.

7. Likewise, CLIENT declares, accepts and undertakes to follow any and all warnings or notices sent to them or published by CLOUDEOS on their website whilst they utilise the Virtual Server account. CLIENT accepts and undertakes that the services provided by CLOUDEOS are exclusively in the possession of CLOUDEOS and the intellectual and industrial property right for all software, design, program and content in relation to the service belong to CLOUDEOS. In the event of locating any actions that constitute an attack at the abovementioned rights, CLOUDEOS reserves the right to not only immediately terminate Product and Service but to also pursue legal proceedings

8. CLIENT also accepts and undertakes to not to broadcast content that constitutes a crime within the scope of the legislations of foreign countries from where access is possible, and that following the law and legislation of the country they reside in are their own responsibility.

9. CLOUDEOS cannot be held responsible for any data loses and damages that occur during the use of any software and services taken from other companies such as control panels and server softwares that are allotted to the CLIENT. CLOUDEOS is not responsible for any the security of the contents and files belonging to the CLIENT on the server. CLIENT cannot use the provided services to hack, crack, reserve engineer, broadcast and distribute mp3, mp4, videos etc. content, broadcast content that violates copyrights or to direct content to websites that broadcast the above described content.

10. RIGHT TO WITHDRAW: CLIENT accepts and declares that they cannot use the RIGHT TO WITHDRAW as the Product and Services provided are within the scope of Article 15, Subclause Ğ of the Regulation for Distance Selling Agreements, dated 27.11.2014, published by the Ministry of Customs and Trade as “Agreements regarding incorporeal properties that are performed electronically or that are immediately delivered to the consumer”, and therefore are not considered within the scope of the RIGHT TO WITHDRAW.

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