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  • About Cloudeos

    Cloudeos(Elastic, Optimised, Secure Cloud Services) has started to deliver Cloud Services at April 2016. Its is a company within Beta International Holding. In 2014, Cloudeos started with a 10 people of Software & Development team which all funded by domestic Turkish Local Capital. After two years, Cloudeos is ready to provide services for Turkish and Global Cloud Market.

  • What is a Cloud Instance?

    Cloud Instances are instances which could be accessed from anywhere and any time to fit customers computing requirements, its completely designed for customers needs, its generally easily extendable, elastic, cost effective, fast, secure and it could be deployed just in seconds.

  • Could you give me information about Data Center Locations?

    All our cloud infrastructure are hosted in data centers which are certified by international authorities as Tier 3.5+, as currently being the highest industry standards. In Turkey our infrastructure is hosted at IBM Turkey Datacenters which are located in Levent/İstanbul and Bayraklı/İzmir. We will soon open new data center locations in Frankfurt/Germany, Amsterdam/Netherlands, Bucharest/Romania and Sofia/Bulgaria.

  • How do you store the datas on your Storage?

    Your datas are 3 times(3X) replicated over our physical storage infrastructure, with this design your datas did not effect from any physical hardware failures on storage layer. Your backups(snapshots) are stored on an separate storage from the main storage.

  • Do you have high availability support?

    In case of any problems on the hypervisor that your instance was running, your instance will automatically be started on next available hypervisor. This enables you to merely concentrate on your needs and business goals.

  • Do you use any special security services?

    Intel® Trusted Execution Technology (Intel® TXT) provides hardware-based security technologies at an international level which provide therefore a solid security foundation and platform. Intel TXT is specifically designed to harden platforms from the emerging threats of hypervisor attacks, BIOS, or other firmware attacks, malicious root kit installations, or other software-based attacks. It increases protection by allowing greater control of the launch stack through a Measured Launch Environment (MLE) and enabling isolation in the boot process. More specifically, it extends the Virtual Machine Extensions (VMX) environment of Intel® Virtualization Technology (Intel® VT), permitting a verifiably secure installation, launch, and use of a hypervisor or operating system (OS). All instances on the cloud platform are securely isolated from each other.

  • How do you calculate my instances network traffic usage?

    We calculate network traffic usage by adding download and upload traffic of your related instance. All network ports are limited to 1 Gbps traffic so you could get very high capacity and also low latency internet & local network access for your instances. You could check your packages network quota limits details to learn about your total instance network quota. If you exhaust your total quota, we will charge you about $0.02 per GB to your instances monthly invoice. To get more default network quota you could switch to a bigger package for your instance.

  • OneClickApp Nedir?

    OneClickApp, tarafımızca oluşturulan kullanıma hazır application şablonlarıdır. Bunların tümü Ubuntu üzerinde çalışmakta olup şuan WordPress, NextCloud, ISPConfig, Gitlab uygulamalarını kolay ve hızlı bir şekilde edinebilirsiniz.

  • Which Operating Systems are supported on your platform?

    You can find different template and applications to fit your business or personal requirements. We currently support CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, OpenSUSE and Microsoft Windows production ready templates and will be adding more templates and applications soon. We are currently working on supporting CoreOS, Fedora and Scientific Linux operating systems.

  • How could i take backup of my instance?

    You could click on snapshot button on the control panel to take snapshot(backup) of your instance and you could easily deploy new instances later from this backup.

  • Is it possible to define more then 1 IP address to my instance?

    To standardize our services we only supply one IP address for an instance. If you need more IP addresses you need to deploy more instances.

  • I could not send email from my instance?

    All instances outgoing smtp(tcp 25) port is blocked on our platform. Our aim is to stop spammers, phishers, virus senders not to use our platform and services. We try to take our IP classes as clean as possible to give good quality services to our customers. You could create a support ticket from our control panel to activate & enable your instances smtp port. After that you could easily send email from your instances.

  • About Cloudeos Services

    All our services will be terminated on 31 March 2021. We kindly ask you to transfer the services you use in the next period to our sister company SAGLAYICI or to a different provider. Thank you for your trust and all kinds of support so far.

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